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38 special less than minor PF powder?


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I shoot SASS as well as uspsa. My pistol loads are a 93/95 grn bullet .359 dia. and 3.2 grn of n320.

I forget the specific load but you can get under 3

Grains with Clays and a 125. Look for "cowboy" loads.

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The best powders for minor are as follows.

N310, Clays, WST, Red Dot, Titewad (be careful). These I have tried. Clays with a 125gr using 3.0gr was best all round for me. With lighter bullets the accuracy would fall away at anything past 25yards unless you picked the speed up.

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I'll second N320. I use it for bunny fart practice loads in my S&W AirLite Ti-Scan snubby revolvers. 4.0 grains with a 125gr JHP bullet (hey, I got a deal on them) is just two steps above a wax load.

I tried WST, it was rather "dirty". The N320 burns quite clean.


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My 38 Special Pop-Gun Load for the airweight J Frames has been 2.7 Clays under a 125 round nose.

I just got 1000 38 Special bullets in 105 grain. I will be trying them out shortly.

A buddy of mine has a new bullet maker friend he was sure he could get some super deals through.

I guess he forgot I was shooting 158 Round Nose in my 38 Specials.

He picked me up 1000 of the 105's and another 1000 of the 125's.

The price was great.

I guess I will see if I can work out a Defensive Pistol Match load using them in our 2" K Frame snub revolvers.


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148gr WC with 2.5 grains of WST. I cannot recall the OAL, but the bullet sit proud of the brass by 0.09".

21 to 75 feet it shoots flat, when I step out 150 feet I need about 12 inch's of holdover....

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