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Favorite Range Facilities?


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What is the best range you have seen for USPSA? Why

What should be considered:

Size of bays

number of bays



bathroom facilities


anything else that adds to the facilities

What should NOT be considered

people that run it

quality or frequency of matches

other facilities that are not USPSA

anything not part of the facilities.

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USSA is a great traditional facility. The bays are grass--ok for a loss brass match. Good equipment. Parking and nearby accommodations are good.


RIO SALADO- 4 normal bays, a boatload of other terrain for stages, best props in the country. IMO-not so humble-it is the best place I have shot.

The club house is ok and there are portapotties as well as a real bathroom.

Third would be Rio Grande Practical Shooting Club which uses the Alb City range. 6 huge bays and access to many other ranges for a match. Real bathroom. Air conditioned rooms

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