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Storm Lake Semi-Drop in G34 Barrel - Which Bullet?

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My G34 likes 124RN with Titegroup. Glock barrel though.

my pet load is 124RN with 4.1gr Titegroup set to a OAL of 1.150 with matched head stamped brass (I sort all of my brass by head stamp)

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I don't know many, if any G 34 shooters who use Storm Lake. Like stick, my G 34 has a factory barrel and has shown no pref to 115 win white box, 115 CCI (aluminum case) Blazer (both tmj round nose), 124 Remington Fmj, Federal 147 HP. It absolutely hates Independance Ammo. Assuming you will reload, my GM friends tell me that hollow points are far and away the most accurate. I don't know as I don't reload. There has been a general move to the 124 grain bullets (in USPSA) so you might come up short trying to buy the 124's. The 147 grain rounds do have a milder feel for recoil and shooters seem to get on tgt a bit faster for followups. I know...I sound like a damned commercial...Sorry but what I am really saying is any quality jacketed bullet loaded in the same batch brass (if possible) should really just please you to no end. Oh yea...and the concensus is Titegroup for your powder. Have fun.

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