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Coating for a steel grip


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I have been researching coatings for metal surfaces, more specifically a steel grip. Does anyone have experience with the use and wear of Duracoat, Cerakote, Molt Resin, or any of the other coatings that can point me in a direction of a cost effective solution that will hold up under normal match conditions?

Thank you

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Watching this thread....

(Not trying to jack PKT, just have the same question as you.)

I'm interested in the same thing. I want a good looking black finish that durable enough for a steel grip.

I'll be using it on the rest of the gun as well.

I'm not intersted in Cerekote, Durakote, etc.... more interested in DLC, Isonoite, etc...

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TiAlN is what I expect to be the next big coating.

Here is a little info on the hardness ratings of these coatings and while AR500 steel is a 500 TiAlN is 4200.


These are very heat resistant and abrasion resistant coatings thats why they use them on machining tools.

I've been using TiAlN "Canyon Blue" for over five years, it is a great finish. With the proper metal prep it can look like a Hot Blue finish when coated with oil.


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PVD finishes will rust. Get a ferritic nitrocarburizing finish like Melonite, Atranite, Isonite, etc etc (these are all just trade names).

The paint finishes like Cerakote are excellent at fighting rust, until they wear away, which may or may not be likely for a grip. Even better is nickel plating, and much tougher to boot, but it feels slick and is probably not a good choice for a grip.

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I do Cerakote.

I have figured out to work with it from the prep end, the spray end and the bake end.

It is the hardest of all the paint style finishes.

Second hardest to only chrome and ION bond and other vapor types.

They have the best colors, and it will not stink up my wife's oven.035.jpg

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