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Falling Plate Rack Trouble


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Here is what happened.

Running shooters on a stage with a falling plate rack at the end. Used conveyor belts were used to absorb the energy of the plates but they were a bit bouncy. One plate in particular would stand back up if hit in the top third with Major PF. This was usually the first plate they engaged in the array. Most of the time, the plate stayed down. However, when it popped back up, the reaction from the shooter was mixed. Ultimately, if the shooter left the plate, knowing they hit it and it went down, we gave them the hit. If a shooter wet back for the plate after it hit and came back up, they usually had one shot, less than a second extra on the stage. However, if they shot at it twice and hit it twice, before scoring and announcing the time, we have the shooter an option of taking the stage as is or offering a reshoot. All shooters offered the choice took the stage as is and didn't reshoot.

I understand the rule on if a plate is hit and does not fall, that is REF and reshoot (we had a few of those as well). What I am unsure of is when the plate is hit and falls (score on KD) but stands back up based on momentum.

Is there a specific rule that addresses this? Would it be REF in all cases and automatic reshoot? How would you have handled the situation and why?



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This probably isn't the rule you are looking for, but IMO is the proper course of action.

4.6.3 Chronic malfunction of equipment in a course of fire may result in the removal of that stage from the match results (see Rule 2.3.4).

My first step would be to remove the plate rack from the course of fire, and require anyone who has already shot the stage to re-shoot it. If that wasn't possible, then toss the stage from the match results and shoot it "for fun."

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My post was based on the assumption that the plate rack couldn't be fixed, at least not in a reasonable amount of time. If you can fix it without slowing the match down too much, that would a better choice. My guess is removing the belt would cause other problems (like other plates falling that haven't been hit.)

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