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Mike at Accurate Iron ....can't find him anywhere ......


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I wanted to send him my m2 to get snazzified but i can't seem to get a response on here or boomershooter, his email....nothing.

Does anyone know of a better way of getting ahold of him. I had a phone number for him a while back but it doesn't seem to be working.



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Thanks for the heads up. I know of Taran's work . Def good , but Mike is def the smith i'm looking for . I had contacted him a while back and we had a dialogue going , but i can't seem to get him again. My second would be Benny Hill at Triangle

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Him & jesse are probley back in the strip joints with their stack of ones.

We go straight to the brothels now.

Shoot me your info and ill forward it to Mike.


Mike got so busy building shotguns he let his website expire and now all his $hit is screwed up.

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Thanks Jesse ....I appreciate the heads up on Mike. BUT Benny got the gig this time. The benelli is already on the way to him. You can yell at him for being all up on the benos forums like A HAWK!!!!

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