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180 gr 40 cal bayou bullets


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First welcome to the forum--next look in our loading section do a search on 40 loads and it will give you two days worth of reading on this subject..

most of the guys I know who shoot 6" guns run the 165 gr bullet,,my load is 4.9 gr of wst out of a 5" gun..

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How are you planning to use them? I really like the 180 grain Bayou bullets. I mostly use the following loads:

Practice/minor load- 3.0 grains of Clays (a really soft clean load). And as with any mild load, be careful about double charging a case.

Major power factor- about 4.9 grains of WST but it varies (WST requires less powder when the ammo's cold and more powder as the ammo gets warmer. You need to chrono it at the temperature you'll be shooting at for matches)

Both of these are with standard .40 O.A.L. (over all cartridge length)

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I am running 3.0gn of Clays with the 180gn seated so I have a 1.146" OAL. Coming out of my CZ I was seeing about 754fps average so a PF of 136. I now have gotten my hands on some Titegroup to use. Will be trying to work up some loads here shortly. Any suggestions on a starting point with Titegroup? Would like to stay with the 1.146" OAL if I can.

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