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Gear to shoot limited 10


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I need a belt and mag pouches to shoot my xdm 45 in ipsc L10. I was planning on a bladetech doh but have not figured which attachment. I like the DAA belts and need mag pouches that fit the xdm 45 double mags. What do you advise? I would feel somewhat self conscious running a race master style holster,but changing block for different guns would be great and save cash in the long run. The options are confusing.

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Why would you be self conscious about using a race master holster? Do you feel it's not secure? I felt a little uneasy with my Ghost holster at first, but with a little dry fire, draw, & re holster practice at home I am very comfortable with it now. Seems more secure than a standard holster to me now.

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Get a race master. It actually has two locks on it. One, when you slide the trigger guard into the block. It rotates a lock as you push the trigger guard down into the block and the only way to get the gun out, is to draw it. It's not like a Ghost holster where it's just sitting there and when enough angle or bouncing the gun can fall out. The other lock is the flip tab, that must be disengaged before drawing

Downside, is its not production legal like the DOH, but that's your call.

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