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?300 BLKout 150gr Data?


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Well it seems like there are mixed reviews around on shooting 150gr pills outta 300 blk out, just my luck I have about 400 rounds of the Sierra HPBT that i would like to use for paper ammo.. does anyone have any load data for IMR4227,IMR4198 or maybe even Unique? Im not sure but I think somewhere Ive seen or seen mentioned that ppl have used Unique..Im looking to go with IMR4227 bc I originally purchased the powder for my 44 mag and Ive had issues with it leaving unburnt powder behind, since then I have gotten to the bottom of that issue, but i Have LOTS of IMR4227 and would love to use it up on my blk out ammo..thanks for the help.

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I also use 147/150 gr. FMJ for my paper 300 Blk loads. I got a chance to crono my 150 loads this past weekend. This is what I used, which should be well in "safe" zones from books and published data. I am looking to try a bit hotter when I get out next weekend.

150 Hornady SST - IMR 4227 @ 16.8 gr. Data from 10 shot group - Hi -1814; Low -1792; Avg - 1799; Ex Sp - 22; StDev - 8

Shot well, cycled well, good groups at 100 yd., no signs of pressure.

I hope 4227 with bulk 150 gr will be my standard paper load as the 147/150 gr bullets can be found in bulk at good prices.

I suspect this is quite conservative and have made some 10 round trials moving up to 18.4 in increments. Will publish data when I've had a chance to crono.

FYI - I'm using H110 for my 110 gr and 125 gr loads with very good results. I believe, testing will prove it out, that the 4227 is better for the 150 gr. loads.

I tried IMR 4198 with the 150 gr bullets and was not impressed so far. Maybe this is better for heavy loads going subsonic, but that's not for me.

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I run mid range book loads from Accurate for their 5744 load data. I use the 147/150gr bullet pulls for plinking around. It makes it way cheaper than the nice 110gr stuff or subsonic stuff (which is awesome, but at 50 cents a round...ouch!). Haven't crono'ed the load yet. I am running it out of a 9" AAC factory upper.

Unfortunately I haven't ran any of the powders you have. I used lil' gun for some 110 gr stuff, and it ran great. I use the 5744 because I found it in stock, and I have shot everything from 110 gr to 220 gr subsonics all with the same powder. Is it ideal? No, but it works.

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Well, I eventually want to try the 175gr SMK with 5744 as it supposedly makes major.

I loaded 17.5gr IMR 4227 w/ 150gr SMK @ 2.105 COL. I haven't shot or chornoed them yet. Sierra data lists this as a max load and also the most accurate load (assuming H227 & IMR 4227 are the same powder). Sierra lists velocity @ 1950 w/ the above load.

Hodgdon's web site lists 17.8g IMR 4227 as max with a COL of 2.235 (this length didn't work for me as not enough neck tension even with Lee FCD). The website also lists velocity @ 1908.

I was able to print off load data for 300 Blk from websites of the following companies:

Western Powders (accurate)






Hornady has some data, but you have to buy their book. I think Norma has a load listed in their book also, but I was also looking up load data for 7.62x39 at the same time. You can also try 300blktalk.com under their hand-loading section and they have a bunch of info there. But, I try to verify or double check that info.

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Are there many people successfully shooting Major with 300BLK? I know that Daniel Horner pulled it off once a few years back - but anyone since then?

BTW, I tried loading 147grn FMJs (surplus M-80 bullets) with Lil Gun and at 16.2 grns, there were horrible ejector swipes.

Barrel is a 16" Wilson Combat SS barrel with a Carbine length port. I've seen others go as high as 17 grns - but that's way too hot for my particular barrel.

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