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Grips for a SV infinity


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I have recently purchased a sv limited gun and am not a fan of the grip tape style grip that is on the gun....I like the design of the painted ones from shooters connection but I am looking for other suggestions along those lines.....

any help/suggestions with other places that sell similar grips to the painted ones would be great

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take the tape off, stipple frame, paint it. Save 150$.

I've been wanting to do mine for awhile but I'd be a little disappointed if it didn't turn out as good as the grips I see online. I did see a place online that uses your grip and it's only $90 or $95 to have your own grip worked on.

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I have stippled alot of guns, so I didnt feel bad doing my 2011. This is my first painted grip, had to do it twice, but i learned what not to do. Next one will look like someone paid me 95$. There is a thread in the FGW dealer forum that has a how to, as well as pics. Its your money.


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