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CM 09-13 (tablestakes) Again

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Our club shot TableStakes again. Yes, I had the chair in the correct location and I remained

seated ! (I posted about this stage last Dec.)

We had a shooter who had some bad luck on this stage. He loaded his gun from the table,

raised the gun to shoot, and the mag fell out. He retrieved that same mag from the table,

raised the gun, and the mag fell out again. This time, the mag fell to the ground and he

retrieved it from the ground, and proceeded to shoot the stage successfully.

from course description: All ammo for the stage must start on the table.

If a reload is needed, it must come from ammo on the table.

His ammo started on the table, but his last attempt to load came from ammo on the ground.

How do you score this one ??? procedural ???

(the time lost was quite a penalty in itself.)

just curious.....Len

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I wasn't the RO on this stage but, if I was I doubt I would have given a penalty. The shooter

more than doubled his usual time...ouch...

As a solution I think "if a reload is needed it must come from the table" should be removed.

Starting with ammo on the table is good enough.....Len

"...without rules there's chaos" -- Kramer

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The ammo started on the table.

He's not "reloading" as he hasn't even fired a shot.

Even if he had fired a shot he isn't reloading since he's putting the same mag back in the gun.

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