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JP mount for a 1-4 scope


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I am going to be ordering a new scope for my rifle and was wondering about what JP mount I would need. I was reading their site and it says the extended one is idea for 1-4,6 scopes but seems everyone I have seen is running the none extended mount. It will be mounted on a S&W m&p15 optics ready rifle. I don't want to waist time in ordering the wrong one to have to return it and get the other. I figure with the extended one I could just move it back but really don't want to waste the extra money.

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I can't personally speak for the JP and it will depend on which scope you get since all of the scopes have different eye relief. I do know that I can't get my 1-6 razor far enough forward in my Warne RAMP so I will be switching to probably a Larue since your get the QD for the same price as the JP.

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I would go with the extended version. Here is a pic of my set up with a PST 1-4. It looks like I have an older version.... ended up having to bridge the gap to get the proper eye relief. Glad they came out with an extended one.


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Different Strokes for Different Folks !!

Take a look at Burris Extended AR-PEPR mounts, about $100 - 1" or 30 MM.

If open you can use a red dot on top or a 45*deg adapter. I use a Red Dot up-close & paper and scope for fer piece shots.

There will be different Rules about everwhere you go.



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...seems everyone I have seen is running the none extended mount...

Interesting - most folks can't get proper eye relief & ergonomics with any scope on a flat top AR without an extended mount.

I run a longer than A2 stock (MOE fixed w/extended PRS pad), Trijicon Accuppoint 1-4x (good eye relief), and a Larue 1.5" extended mount and still have it almost all of the way forward.

Long story short: Get an extended mount.

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