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CZ 75 Standard IPSC - Good alternative to a TS?


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So I'm in the market for a Tac Sport but in the hunt have come across a "Standard IPSC". From what I gather it is the predecessor to the TS and the TS is considered an upgrade in durability.

Looking for a good Limited gun. Can I find mags, holsters, etc. for this thing?

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I had a TS before buying an ST. The spring tunnel on the slide of the TacSports is slightly beefed up. I run the CZ buffers with mine. They shoot the same. The ST doesn't have full length rails in the frame like the TacSports, and the sear cage is different so you can't drop in a big TS safety if you want one. My 2000 vintage ST is was better quality than my 2005 TS. THe recent production TacSports are nice, though. THe ST has a nickel plated frame, unlike the silver polycoat on the TacSports.

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That's funny! I just saw that one on Armslist and I was going to send you a message about it. I think they made a slight revision to beef up the slide on the TS, but I've heard good things about the SI.

That's the one. Didn't check till now but it is off-list, so might be a non-starter anyway.

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