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TS Extended Safety


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No one's home, had to take the pic myself... this is where my support hand currently lies. I am getting a grip reduction and undercuts, which would probably make this situation even worse.


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When I first started using the Tactical Sport last year, I put the extended safeties on. In the heat of a match, somehow I would activate the safety while shooting. I put the smaller factory safeties back on, and got used to them after dry firing. I have not had the problem since. But to answer your question, no, it never dug into my hand, I rested my strong hand thumb on it.

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I have larger hands (right hand dominant) and recently removed my extended safety. I've noticed that during week hand shooting, I will occasionally bump the safety. The same occasionally happens during reloads. I'm going to run stock for a while and see how I like it.

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