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Which rear iron sight?


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I need a flip up style iron sight for my AR.

I currently have a Daniel Defense front sight and a Vortex Viper PST 1-4 sitting in a Bobro mount.

The DD rear sight doesn't fit with the scope so I would like to add some sort of back up style sight that might fit under the rear objective of the scope.

Any suggestions?


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I just purchased a set of the Knight's Armament 45 degree offset sight. I've haven't shot with them much but so far I like them since they are pretty low profile.

The rear sight has a removable plastic piece which acts as the 600 m peep hole. However, it can be removed so that you can use the 0-200m peep hole.


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I really like the offset sights, but have difficulty understanding the purpose of the fine peep when the sights are primarily used for close in work. My question to ya'll is whether you actually use the backup irons for longer range (perhaps in the unlikely event your scope fails in a match) or do you leave the scope on higher magnification and use the offsets for burning through close targets?

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Need help big time. I may entertain the 45 degree option in the future. Weapon sys is 18" BCM UPPER. elftmann TAC. Match flat shoe trigger. Scope on the way. Vortex razor 1-6. The mount will be a LT104. Problem is my buis are coming tomorrow. ARMS INC #71 polymer sights. The are folded at .61. Does anyone know if it is true the the ARMS INC #71/are to tall??????

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