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Holster Question for M&P22 Pistol


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I live in MA where obtaining an M&P22 pistol will be a PITA and probably cost a premium. So, before going through that. I want to get one as a backup training pistol. Mainly because I don't want to shoot through all of my reloading supplies to work on a couple of drill that take a lot of dry and live fire (shooting with both eyes open).

I've read that the slide on the M&P22 is wider and can cause holster issues, my concern is if the bottom end is the same size. I have a DAA Racer holster and want to continue using that in my practice if I get the pistol. I have searched but haven't found any threads of shooters who have used this with a trigger guard only race holster.

Anyone out there with this setup willing to chime in?


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