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TS, safety on with the hammer down


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I put a new left side safety on my TS a month or so ago. I'm not a gunsmith but I thought it went back together well. Now the safety will go on with the hammer down, and overall the safety engagement doesn't seem as "positive" as it did before. The safety does work. I did a search and saw lots of references to having the safety fitted? Is that my issue? What areas are fitted, maybe the detent engagement?

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There is a nub on the shaft of the safety which blocks the safety leg of the sear when engaged. 'Fitting the safety' is when file this nub until it fits under the safety leg when the hammer is cocked. It sounds like the tolerances of your parts stacked at the other end of the spectrum. As long as the hammer won't fall with the safety engaged I wouldn't worry about it. If you have another sear you might try it and see if it fits tighter. The 'looseness' you're feeling is effected by the hammer, sear, safety and all the pins involved, so anytime you change one of those, it's going to change the fit.

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