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open gun power factor?


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I am shooting open in 38sc using 115 MG jhp's. out of a 5.5" STI 3 port comp, 3 popple holes. Have been trying different powders. N105,3N38, N350, SR7625, all are good but different. Was just wondering what power factor you guys load to?

Seems the hotter the better the comp works. But where do most of you guys stop? 170, 175,180? Just wondering. :blush:

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Thanks for the replies, After quite a bit of testing I have to say all of the 4 powders I have been playing with are plenty acceptable.

I have finally settled on 3N38 as the winner. It came down to a virtual tie between N105 and 3N38. I went with 3N38 due to availability in 4lb. jugs which I can get locally. My final load is 10.8 3N38, 115 MG JHP, Starline 38SC brass, Fed 205 primers, 1.240" OAL. 174-176 P/F.

Shoots very flat with acceptable rudeness. (RO's may not agree)

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