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Howdy Y'all from the Great State of Texas

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Okay, I finally joined. They call me Wild Phil Hick Up. I get the hic ups when I drink too much beer!

I bean shootin' fur nealy 45 years. I have participated in Combat pistol, Runnin' Gun, Silhouette - Rifle, Pistol, and BP, AAA Trap ranked, AAA Skeet ranked, Sporting Clays, IPSC / USPSA - B class, IDPA, 3 Gun, Bullseye, PPC. I have participated in the Steel Challenge, California NRA State Pistol shoots, Arizona Sporting Clays State shoots, Western Outdoors Silhouette, and even Texas SASS State shoots. I was President of the HAC Combat Pistol Club in Kalifornia fur 5 years.

I started reloading when I was 15 years old. I started with a Rockchucker, and graduated to an AutoChamp in 45 ACP. Gave up on that in-line loader and bought a Dillon RL450. I then moved up to the RL550, and then came the 1050. I have five of those now.

I got me a Mec 650 Jr. when I was 16, and then moved to a Possness-Warren 800B. I think I have loaded more than half million rounds on that loader.

I started casting bullets in 1984 with a Cast Master? And then got me a Magma Bulletmaster machine. I was Hi Score Bullets in Kalifornia. Got bought out and then started Master Class Bullets. Got bought out again, and since I just reload. I think this year I have loaded around 100,000+ rounds.

You all take care and BE SAFE!

Wild Phil Hick Up

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