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Clays in .38 Short Colt


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Anyone using Clays in the .38 Short Colt with 142 and/or 147 gr bullets?

I understand Clays might be a bit fast for that combination. But with the powder shortage being what it is, I sure would like a Clays load that will make ICORE PF.

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um....Hell no..... :ph34r:

You can comfortably load up to a 125 PF with VV310, but not Clays with a 147 or higher grain bullet.

Use Titegroup, SOLO 1000, or 320 for anything over 130 with the heavier bullet, and use a heavy taper crimp, or a roll crimp.

Many people have blown up cylinders with fast powder and heavy bullets....<not me... :roflol: >


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Thanks, Doug.

I do have some TiteGroup. (Any suggestions for a starting load?)

How about WST? According to the burn rate chart, WST is slower than TiteGroup and faster than N320.

Like many others, I'll be looking for more powder. And some VV N320 too.

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