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Is this worth is guys?


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I have never heard anything bad about the VEPRS only good.


hey Pat, are there any good VEPRs smiths in case I need some mods later?

I can't speak for Rob at R&R but I would give him a call. Both guns are based on the same AK design. I imagine he could turn out a nice custom gun with the Vepr as a base.


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VEPRs (non side-folders) were below $1000 before the craziness hit, $969, if I remember correctly. Give it some time and prizes should normalize a bit.

Apart from that, like Alaskapopo said, Ive pretty much only heard good things about them.

I'm guessing that the VEPR only needs 3 parts replaced for 922® compliance, assuming US made mags

hammer, sear, trigger, pistol grip, stock, piston puc are all available and should be easy to switch. Cost of compliance parts should be less than $75.

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