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Thumb rest on a limited Glock 24 -- can I use a rail attachment?


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I'd like to try putting a thumb rest on my Glock 24 now that they are legal in limited. I don't want to have to drill and tap. Ideally, I'd like something that can attach to the front rail. Assuming I can find something like this, would this be legal?
The only thing I have found so far is from thespeedledge (I can't post links, but add a www and a dot com to the end of that), but the site doesn't look very legit. I'd also like to find someone who has tried this before I spend the money. The other alternative would be to purchase something like a Carver mount for the Glock (usually used to attach a CMore) and then attach the thumb rest to the screw holes that already exist on the mount. I am assuming that putting a mount like this would not be legal though, correct? And, if it is not legal as-is, is there anything I could do to make it legal? (such as cut down the mount so that I am only getting the front portion that I would be using to attach the thumb rest?)
Thanks in advance for any insight that you guys can provide me here.
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Using a ghost holster. You brought up a good point --- I didn't think about interference with the holster. I'll have to inspect when I get home tonight, but I am thinking that you would be correct.

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My two cents - use the lowest thumb position possible, at or below the bottom of the frame/dust-cover area. Or don't use one at all in Limited.

Tried two different thumb-rest positions (DAA Adjustable) on my new limited STI, 3rd way was using my Production grip which is thumb curled down under the frame and alongside the trigger guard and hands torquing into the tops of both grip panels as done by Bob Vogel. Of those the Vogel grip (thumb tip not doing anything) gives me the best Limited recoil/recovery pattern, low/level thumb rest is 2nd best, high/angled thumb rest position the worst.

I use the high/angled in Open and it's fine for that as the recoil impulse is mostly straight back and happens in very short time frame. Not so good for Limited, the recoil impulse is much more of a 15 or 30 degree angle and the thumb rest seems to just magnify that push of the gun and by comparison to the Open gun, the impulse seems to last forever. Such an eye-opener that I've been lugging Production, Limited, and Open guns to the range every practice session every time since that first Limited shake-down. In reality the thumb-under-frame grip is best with Open gun too but results in negative (downward) recoil until 1 or 2 mags of shooting to get used to it. I keep using the Open thumb rest because it recovers the same as Production gun.

Ranking the amount of "timing" or anticipation needed to return gun to line-of-sight:

1. Open gun, thumb-under-frame Vogel grip (zero anticipation)

2. Open gun high thumb rest, Limited gun Vogel grip, Production gun Vogel grip (all the same, small amount of anticipation)

3. Limited gun, level thumb rest (feels like 2x the anticipation of Vogel grip)

4. Limited gun, high/angled thumb rest (feels like 3x the anticipation of Vogel grip)

Speed Ledges website looks just fine for a country slightly north of Madagascar: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.sc

Another option if you commit to not shooting that frame in Production is to dish out the frame area just forward of the take-down ledge (put frame in vise and hold on to Dremel very tight. Goal is to not slip and take plastic off the bottom of this area which is the bottom of your new ledge. Add grip tape

post-354-0-83360800-1370537534_thumb.jpg post-354-0-59578500-1370537558_thumb.jpg

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I just put one of the those speed ledge things on my XDm using the light rail attachment. I did not like how small their rest was so I cut it off and attached a Carver rest to it in its place so its a hybrid now. I used it in the Ohio match and I'm really liking it so far. It does seem to help control flip and has brought my shot groupings closer together. In my match video you can see how flat this thing is shooting.

I got off to a slow start in this match so you'll have to wait a few stages to see me actually hit anything...lol

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Can't see the video at work but curious what holster you are using.

The CR Speed WSM II. I've got an XDm open gun build in process using Carver's frame mount and this is the only holster that will accommodate it. Which as a bonus worked for the limited gun with the rail mounted thumb rest.

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I've got a DAA Racer. I dont see that working.

It won't. I had the DAA Racer first as well. Couldn't get it to work with the frame mount or the thumb rest option. The CR Speed one works perfectly for it but I'm not a fan of the locking mechanism. I don't have any other choice so I'm making due.

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