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Pyramid trigger from Glockstore


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Has anybody tried the new "pyramid" trigger from glockstore? It seems to promise a lot, but I don't know whether it would be better than my polishing job and spring kit (for a G35 in IPSC standard division)



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From the videos supplied by Glock Store, it seems to be an almost carbon copy of the fulcrum series. The biggest difference is the number of color choices for the trigger and trigger safety, and the "no friction" coating. The "no friction" coating sounds a little over hyped

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I was wondering if they had stolen the fulcrum design. I looked at it and remember thinking - balls, that looks just like GW, only gold. But hey - they offer a pink trigger pad. HAHAHA

I hope you guys have patents, Zev.

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I've used it and it's just as good as the rest like most aftermarket triggers it's way overpriced and I love the add on stuff like upping the price by $40+ for a $2 safety plunger because it's polished or the upgraded striker that increases lock time -which mathematically works out but our refined motor skills even of a highly trained martial artist can't discern within those time frames. But hey if it gives you a psychological edge then go for it but, and I'm keeping in forum guidelines because I'm coming from a actual playful caring tone here, take an Armorers course and really learn about the gun you love it's only $195 if your a GSSF member. It's the best aftermarket thing you can do for your gun and self because it's knowledge.

Let me rephrase that out of tell anyone what to do and simply state my experience- I took the basic and advanced armorers classes and I will never be fooled again. Now sell me a $100 aftermarket drop in trigger that does the exact same thing as the $250-350 ones do and that's a good investment-- I know they exist and i know they work.

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