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Best Optic for shooting Bianchi Cup with a STI SteelMaster


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I shot Bianchi Cup this year (production class), I had a blast. So much of a good time that I am wanting to attend next year and am wanting to put a good Optic. The SteelMaster is great for Steel Matches, but the Bianchi is Precision shooting out to 50 yards. I saw many in the Open division with tube optics.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.



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What kind of mount are you going to use? You can get an undrilled shroud from Caspian or Gilmore and have it drilled for the Cmore spacing.

Aimpoint, in my opinion a 2moa dot. I use the Comp ML3. Lots of guys use the Ultradot Matchdot and have good luck.

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