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hello from west texas

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Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm a rancher, 26yrs old, live in west Texas. Not new to guns, but new to actually trying to be "good" with a pistol. I ordered a square deal b for reloading 9mm so I can shoot more, and just finished brian's book, and have j michael plaxcos book due any day. Lots of knowledge here.....I mainly am here to learn to shoot well for self defense more than competition. Tho I will go to some local competitions for fun. Thanks,


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Welcome, I think you will find USPSA and IDPA competitions very addictive. I'm sure living on a ranch gives you plenty of opportunity to shoot but getting together with a bunch of like minded shooters in a competative enviroment can move your skills up a couple of notches. Hope you get to try some matches.

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Thanks bud. Yes I have my own range....actually it's 40 yards wide so hopefully I can host a class or two someday.

I have a friend here that shoots gssf and used to shoot uspsa, so I'm sure hel talk me into it.

I finally got over all the hate between "tactical" shooters and competition shooting. Realized that shootinh fast and accurately is what it's all about....and nobody does that better than competition shooters.

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