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Hello from Phoenix!


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Hey everyone! I have been lurking for a bit and figured I'd post up some!

I am newish to reloading

Started last December with a 550. I recently sold it and wasn't planning on buying another press for a bit but I came across a 650 in 45 and then I picked up a 9mm conversion kit

I got it bolted to my bench last night but didn't make much more progress but I will today

Look forward to learning more from everyone!

I will post up some pics of my bench later :)

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Thanks for the welcome everyone!

I've had decent luck with supplies lately. I'm set for a while on powder and 9mm/5.56 projectiles

Primers are what I've had a tough time getting. Was easy when I first started. Oh well I am a patient dude ;)

Here is the bench I built. Been needing one for forever, dryer and washer don't work well haha, so once I made a trip to Dillon I went straight to HD






Only scraps we had!


Here is my new press mounted


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