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CR Speed vs Safariland 014


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Always in search for a better mouse trap...

I use a Manny right now, but I find that the gun wobbles too much side to side for a consistent draw.

I've noticed many people at the top still using the CR Speed... was wondering if anyone has used both?

I've searched on this forum and others, but no one seems to be able to compare the CR Speed and 014.


(Using a Caspian hi-cap open gun)


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I used a CRSpeed WSM II for a couple of months last year when I started shooting Limited. I've since transitioned to using the Safariland 013 and now 014. Here's what I can remember of the CRSpeed and my current impressions of the 014.

CRSpeed: all plastic, lightweight, and very adequate for use in Limited (didn't use for Open). However, I felt that the gun could be easily "knocked out" of the holster if one were to hit the gun hard enough and at the appropriate angle, even when the holster was locked. I can't remember if the gun wobbled side to side in this holster.

Safariland 014: metallic frame with hard plastic retention mechanism, not much heavier than the CRSpeed (for me), infinitely adjustable, and more than adequate for Limited and Open use. Both the 013 and 014 have the same retention mechanism and I feel it is more reliable and sturdy than the CRSpeed. When the holster is locked, I have confidence that the gun will stay in the holster even if hit awkwardly and/or hard (I've done this a few times already and the gun has stayed put in the holster). As far as wobbling side to side, my 013 seems to hold the gun sturdier than the 014 so there's probably variance between different retention mechanisms but I wouldn't consider it detrimental to a consistent draw - I've had no problems with any wobble. One slightly negative thing about the 014, there is so much adjustability that it was difficult for me to find a good orientation for the gun - all positions seemed to be good! In the end I adjusted it similar to the angle and position of my 013 because that's what I was most comfortable with. Also, once you've adjusted the holster to your preference, make sure you tighten down those screws real well - I thought I had done that but they loosened up on me in the first couple of matches. Since I really tightened them down 6 months ago, they haven't loosened up (you can locktite the screws if you want).

Sorry for the long reply. I hope this helps.

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I'm currently using the CR Speed and one big thing I don't like is poor retention. Shooting the Ohio match a couple weekends ago I stood up from setting a prop and the gun snagged a barrel and fell right out of the holster and onto the ground from the "locked" position. Luckily it wasn't during my run or it would have been a DQ and I knew the rule to not touch it. RO came over and cleared the gun and placed it back into the holster so no harm no foul but still not a good thing. Unfortunately for me the CR is the only holster that can fit an XDm with a frame mounted optic so I'm stuck with it. If not for that I'd use the Race Master.

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For what it is worth I have been using Caspian widebody open guns with the Safariland 014 and have been really happy with it.

When I was shopping for a new holster I fondled and tried a fellow shooter’s CR (along with a few other holsters) at the safe table but opted for the 014 primarily because it can be used with different guns. So, when reading the following take into account that my experience with running a CR Speed is zero.

Here is my take on the 014 with the Caspian:

As was mentioned the position adjustability is very good, and once you clamp down on the screws it is solid. The draw is slick and have never felt the holster was holding me back during steel challenge and classifiers where an additional .20 on your draw can really mean something. Once the lock is engaged it is rock solid in the holster as long as the holster is properly adjusted to your gun. If you are doing a seated start or need to run before drawing you can either 1) leave the lock on and swipe it off during the draw (easy and safe), or 2) adjust the tension knob so that there is more draw resistance so that the gun won’t fall out when you are running/moving…a little more risky as it only takes a little bit of upward motion to release the gun, but doable once you get some experience with the holster. In the locked position it would definitely pass the old holster retention tests, might pass the old tests if the lock is off and the tension knob was really cranked down, but no way would it pass the tests if the lock is off and the tension knob adjusted for minimal or no resistance. The versatility is good and it works with either the old generation Caspians with the round trigger guard, or the new generation frames with the square trigger guard equally well. Also, I tinker with a Tanfo Witness and the same holster works well with that. So, if you have more than one gun it can probably handle them all. Also, if you are running a Safariland ELS belt the holster is set up to bolt directly to the belt - which is very nice.

The negatives I have found are:

1. There is a lot of adjustment range and it is quite possible to adjust it so your gun is more than 2” from the inside or your belt which violates the max distance rule.

2. There are different spacers that come with the holster to eliminate play between the trigger block and the trigger guard. I didn’t use the spacers at first and had some wobble which I didn’t like, then installed the thick spacer (and filed it down a hair) and that tightened things up nicely. Plastic guns with thick trigger guards probably wouldn’t have that problem and could run without a spacer.

3. On occasion the gun would contact parts of the holster’s aluminum frame during sloppy draws and reholstering. This was wearing the blued finish from the gun so I put some clear plastic tape over the edges of the aluminum frame where it contacted and the problem went away.

As an FYI - If you go the Safariland 014 way these folks have them for about $126.


I’m sure others will chime in with more info about the CR/014 comparison, but this is my experience of using the 014 with Caspians for the past year.

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my 2 cents, also with a caspian wide body

I have no experiance with the 014

I ran a CR speed for a few years, I found the lock wanting, the gun could get dislodged if you hit it from behind, and with the holster locked, I could pull thru it on the draw

also it was not easy to unlock it on the draw if you wanted to

my biggest problem was shooting thru low ports, as I bent down, the holster would jab in me in the thigh and side, restricting my movement

I'm now running a DAA racer, unlike the cr spped, when it's locked, the gun an't coming out

the lock is positioned so you can unlock on the draw

whe holstered, the gun is rock solid in it, no woble

and it's small, so no more getting stabbed in the side

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Thanks for all the words of experience!

I went from a DAA Racemaster to the Manny... and now deciding between the 014 and CR Speed. I found that the DAA did not work for me. Maybe it's my draw stroke, but it would hang up every so often. Not every time, but enough to blow a stage here or there. So no more RM for me! (I gave that to the girlfriend; put a Glock block in there and she shoots her open Glock with it)

Good to hear about the better security of the 014! That was my chief concern with the CR Speed - I tend to hear the most dropped gun stories from it.

SpcStn: how is the draw compared to the CR Speed if you can remember? I intend to use the holster for Steel Challenge, where as Bamboo pointed out, that 0.1 or 0.2 can add up pretty quick!

Bamboo: Thanks for the information directly related to the Caspian! I did not even dare ask about the Caspian, given how rare they seem to be. Good to know the 014 works well with them!

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I didn't change my draw stroke between the CR Speed and the Safarilands so I don't think I'm adding any draw time between the two; however, I haven't specifically timed my drawstroke using either holster so I can't give you an opinion based on hard data. I will say that since the retention of the 014 is better, I am more "aggressive" with the draw.

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I have used the cr speed for open and limited for 3 or 4 years now. Never droped a gun yet. I dont feel it is unsecure at all. Just like anything which ever one you pick

learn it inside and out and you wont have any trouble.

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Sauza45 makes a very good point. Which ever holster you choose, you have to learn it inside and out. Lots of folks, top level shooters included, use the CRSpeed with no issues whatsoever.

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I have seen fewer dropped guns from CR's than anything else, except perhaps the DAA because it's so new. The older Safariland holsters that don't have a lock (013? 012?) are the worst. Ghost and Limcat (and DAA) are perfectly secure as long as you remember to lock them, which empirically doesn't always happen. It's true that the CR can give up a gun even when it's "locked", but again this doesn't actually happen in my experience. There are plenty of stories on this forum about it, but maybe other people are less careful when wearing a $3000 gun than I am.

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