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38 Super Major PF loads


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This may answer some of your questions:


My first question these days would be what powders do you have or can you get? If you have a powder in mind search with that powder name and 115 JHP and see what comes up.

Personally, with the MG 115 JHPs I like N350@8.8gr/1.235"/PF=169ish and AA#7@11.2gr/1.235"/pf=172ish, both are very good loads. For scrimp loads I'll use HS6@9.8gr/1.235"/pf=169ish only cuz i have a bunch of WW540/HS6 - personally I think HS6 is blasty in a .38 super...but others love it so YMMV.

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I am using 124 gr MG with 10.4 of N105, CCI small rifle primers, 1.225 OAL. Make 171-173 PF at about 1380-1400FPS. Very soft and minimal dot movement. The dot doesn't leave the glass

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