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West Houston Shooters Club Multigun Match This Saturday 6/8

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West Houston Shooters Club Multigun Match This Saturday 6/8

The monthly Multigun match is Saturday, Weather will be great, but hoy in the afternoon.

Bring plenty of water and sun screen.

Will definitely need help to set up 0700 - 0730.

5 stages

Stages posted at http://www.whidpa.com

These matches are open to the public & new shooters are welcome.

Hammer down is at 9:00am & sign up begins at 8:30am. Matches are usually over between 1 - 3 pm.

Please show up an hour early to help set up & stay to help tear down.

Chamber Flags are now required for all rifles & shotguns. Empty brass, hulls or rope are no longer acceptable. We will have some Chamber Flags available for purchase at the match, 1 for $2 or 2 for $3. Your welcome to use your own but... Chamber Flags must be high visibility & extend into the chamber while preventing the bolt from closing.

Per the Range Owner some new rules:

Parking... Do not Park in front of a bay that we are not using. There is parking up front and a new parking lot in the back past the last bay.

Gate... If the gate is open, close it. If no one is directly behind you when you enter or leave Close the Gate.

Sticks... Our sticks are painted red. If we use his non painted sticks, please put them back

Trash... If you see trash on the ground, Please Pick It Up.

Brass... If you are not a member of The Impact Zone DO Not pick up range brass. Match Brass OK.


See you Saturday


Grand Poobah of All Things Multigun at West Houston Shooters Club

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