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Almost done with my XL650

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After a year of saving and picking up the odds and ends, I have assembled my progressive reloading bench.

I found the bench itself at a Surplus store here in town. It has about (10) 120v outlets on board, as well as CAT-5 network connections and a surge protector. The drawers are huge ( I actually put my 70lb. Yellow Lab into the bottom right drawer one day when he was begging to be part of the project). The drawers and the cabinet lock with a sturdy locking mechanism, and the wheels allow it to roll where ever I want. Conversely, the wheel locks lock into position very solidly in case I am really trying to stabilize the work area. Eventually, I may put a vise at the far left side for working on parts/firearms, etc. The idea that the whole thing can roll into a trailer and come with us anywhere is pretty cool.

We had to custom fabricate the mount to accommodate the tall case feeder and the extra height of the bench casters. Additionally, no existing mount allows the operation of a door or drawer below the press like I now have. The mount is built to withstand a hurricane, a tornado, AND an explosion (all at the same time I imagine).

Anyhow, here are some pictures.







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