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Clark Custom Colt 1911 Pricing Help


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So I need some help here guys.

  • I have a Colt Government 1911 Series 80 that was worked on by Clark Custom Guns. The following has been done:
  • Reliability Package
  • Throat & Polish Chamber
  • Lower Ejection Port
  • Tune Ejector & Extractor
  • Trigger Job
  • Clark Combat Hammer
  • Match Aluminum Trigger
  • 4lb Trigger Pull
  • MMC 3 Dot Sights

I will be looking to move this soon and want to know a fair price for both myself and the buyer - any help would be appreciated.

Gun is in mint condition - almost no rounds after it came back from Clark - has original box and all the paperwork along with Clark paperwork

NOTE - this is not a for sale ad as a relative will have first option and I just don't want either of us to get a bad deal - just fair for both parties in the current market.


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I would check the online gun auction sites for the current asking prices on guns like yours, or series 80s with similar work done. If you could sell it locally you should get better money for it than trying to sell it online. If someone wants the exact gun that you had built they should be willing to pay close to what you paid, especially if it is in mint condition. A discount of 10 to 15% should be a pretty good deal. Good luck with the sale.

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