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Hogue Big Butt Grip in Production


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Are Hogue Big Butt grips allowed in Production class?

If they are not allowed, what is the maximum amount of grip you can have exposed below your hand?



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I would refer you to the rule book:


Page #8 lists modifications for Production guns, and the Hogue you mention isn't specifically prohibiited. There's no mention of an extension one way or another. Guess you'd have to get a judgement from a referree on that one!

You might try calling Damien Orsinger at HQ to get a ruling on that grip or any other for that matter. (703-267-1478) There seems to be no clear answer to your question in the rules.


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The best I can suggest is that unless you "make" something really stupid you can do pretty much anything to the grips except wrap arounds. I suspect a 8" long grip that looks like a baseball bat handle is probably not within the spirit or intent of the rules. But a factory grip available off the shelf (particularly anything anyone else could easily buy) that happens to be about an inch longer than most factory grips would pass muster. I am sure, if someone did get carried away with themselves the rule would be amended. Commonsense will need to be applied.

I believe the big butt grip would be legal (as currently written) as would the big K&N grips.

To me it would have been good to come up with a maximum measurement from bore centre to bottom of grip for revolvers and semi-auto handguns to keep things simple. Also useful may be ensuring that the prone rule for production is specific as to what you can and can't get away with. But I can hardly stand in the glass house and throw stones, so as Alan suggests a call to Damien at NRA would be wise.

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Please let us know what you hear back from the NRA. I set up a 686 for the first version of Production rules and am pretty sure Big Butts were prohibited... But I also had to grind the single action notch off of my hammer under those rules. :angry2:

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I think the rule book is self explanatory


(a) Grips may be replaced or modified to fit the competitor’s hand or to facilitate loading. Checkering,

stippling, grip tape and grip sleeves are permitted.

Prohibited Modifications:-

(e) Thumb rests, grips or magazine extensions.


(f) Semi-Auto firearms must fire the first shot of every string in double action. Revolvers must fire ALL shots of every stage double action only..

You don't have to mangle a perfectly good revolver any more.


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So to be a turd in a punch bowl.

Is a factory grip that is made quite long, extended, or only a grip that has had an addition made to it after it left the factory?

Or if the grip is made from one piece of material (per side) deemed to be not extended, so therefore any grip made with a cosmetic spacer / bottom piece considered to be extended?


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Extended grips for use as a base pad would destroy the concept of Production class in my humble opinion, hope its not allowed.

As long as the grips are no longer than a factory offered version, they would be legal. Extending them beyond a Factory Original Version would not.

Now to go measure my Big Butt.

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Apologies to gm iprod for taking his place in the punchbowl, but I would note that the "NRA Action Pistol" rules are just the starting point for the "Bianchi Cup" rules. The Cup has it's own set of rules, some of which are not in writing.

I am 99.99999% certain that if you show up to the Bianchi Cup with a Big Butt on a Production gun they won't let you shoot it, even if the rule book allowed it (which I don't think it does).

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good day sir, is it allow in production to chromed or plated the aftermarket grip or change the color of the grip from the store? or can i make my own grip in custom but without exceeding the size required by the rules? thank you so much.

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The Hogue Big Butt grips are allowed in Production Class.

As Rule 3.2.1(a). If you say it's to help when going prone then it's not allowed.

I use them in Production as does S&W Shooter Molly

If you read further down in Rule 3.2.1 to the second section of "The following firearm modifications are prohibited" in section (e) it says "Thumb rests, grip or magazine extensions."

I received an email from Damien Orsinger at NRAHQ in the last week stating that Hogue Big Butt grips have been determined to not be legal in Production.



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