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Winchester 748 and Hornady 55 FMJBT


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Hey guys I am looking for a proven recipe using 748 and hornady 55 fmjbt .

I have searched on Benos , and have found very little data with this combination.

I'm using 748 because its what I was able to get, and the same reason with the 55's.

Thanks for any input.

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I haven't used the Winchester bullet you referenced, but have shot a lot of Speer 55 gr. FMJ bullets in my Colt HBAR with 20" barrel.

My load is 28.5 grains of W748 (that's the top load for that bullet in the Speer #11 Reloading Manual). Primer is WSR.

This loads provides 3242 FPS from my HBAR and I get 1 1/8" groups @ 50 yards and 1 7/16" groups @ 100 yards.

Those are 5-shot, not 3-shot groups, and with iron sights.

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