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shurshot versamax stock?


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Anyone run a shurshot stock on a versamax. I like the feel, but want a black one not the camo. Can't find one for the versamax, any ideas? Remington says they have them on there page. But when I click it never comes up...

I think this style will work better for my weaker grip, Arthritis sucks. Any help where to find this stock would be appreciated.

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What about just using the new Mesa Tactical stock for the VersaMax. Shouldn't it just bolt on?

I have been doing some stock conversions on the Versamax and adding a pistol grip stock. It is very labor intensive and tough to get perfect. PM me if you are interested.

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Heres my "DIY Tac4 1100" I finally finished last month. Its an older 1100 frame I put together from parts with a 22" barrel with rifle sights. Since Ive taken this picture, its had an action job and everything matte black(blued) finish. And the Remington Shur-shot stock set. Ordering a DMW EZ loader this week..... Shot my very first 3gun match two weeks ago and finished 9th overall. I have never tried to fast load any shotgun or rifle before the match.... Now Im hooked :goof:


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