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Produciton division component smoothing/polishing


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This one relates to IPSC (as I am in Australia) but possibly to USPSA as well.

I've read the manual on this but am just after some clarification. Appendix D4 says:

Modifications to them, other than minor detailing (the removal of burrs and/or adjustments unavoidably required in order to fit replacement OFM parts or components), are prohibited. Other prohibited modifications include those which facilitate faster reloading (e.g. flared, enlarged and/or add-on magwells, etc.), changing the original color and/or finish of a handgun, and/or adding stripes or other embellishments.

Can you take an internal part and smooth it with a stone to remove light tooling marks and burrs?


Can you take an internal part and polish it (different to above, here I am talking about a shiny, almost mirror finish type polish)?

The best example for a part I can think of is a trigger bow and how it rides in the channel. To be clear my first question relates to just taking the rough surface/edges of a component, where the second is specifically polishing it to make it very smooth.

There is no definition of a burr in the rules, and the few dictionaries that I've read show a burr as a rough edge or "surface".

Further than that, is the question of how many people will actually do this to smooth things up in their production gear regardless of how a RO/CRO would interpret the rules, and would you ever be queried on internal components at high level matches? Just to be clear this isn't about trying to bend rules, but to get a clarification of them.



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