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Mosquito net for walls?

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I'm about to build a bunch (50) portable walls for my club. They will be made with 2x2 frames and steel holders to keep them upright. I have been debating for a while now on what to use for the wall faces themselves. I want to use a mesh or netting material, but i don't want orange snow fencing. I have wore Google out looking at various different types of construction / game / snow fencing, but one thing that I keep coming back to is mosquito net--the fiberglass kind you'd put in your screened in patio. I recall seeing this a lot in older world shoot videos, and if I remember correctly USSA range in Tulsa used them extensively during the mud bowls. They looked good, and put on an angle, even provided a little bit of a vision obstruction.

Has anyone else used mosquito netting for their wall faces? Can you think of any reasons to go with a plastic fence instead?


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I don't see why it wouldn't work. If you wanted to you could also use if for soft cover in front of targets. You could also maybe use some sort of landscaping fabric. It might be tougher and take more abuse

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We have use shade cloth before, the kind you'd use for a green house, not the thinner stuff for windows

It held up well to the abuse, but we had a major problem wind

Think of it as a sail, the wind would catch it and blow them down

We would brace them everywhere, and they would still blow down

Now we use the orange snow fencing, set them up, zip tie the corners, and we're done

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We use a combination of replacement screen material (mosquito net) and snow fence and it works quite well. They let the wind blow right on through so they do not act like a sail and they are still very light (2 X 2 frames).


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