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Meetup at the range.


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One of the good things about living in Missouri is that it has a large contingent of shooting-positive folk. I think it is part of the heritage of the state, but it makes for interesting times.

I spent the morning today with one of my MeetupDotCom social groups at the local range. This is a group that is typically of the dance/drink/eat genre and it was encouraging to see the positive response the event received. We had a full group and several on wait-list, 16 shooters made the event.

We had a mix of experienced, first-time, and mid-range shooters. We filled 2/3 of the long-range lanes even with three shooters sharing each lane.

Kudos to Ultimate Defense Range in O'Fallon, they handled our mob with class.

On top of that, my 1911 Rock Island Officer's Model with less than 100 rounds ran through 35 rounds of handloads flawlessly today, and I was more than satisfied with my performance. With gov't-style sights, no less.

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