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I saw on TSS website there was a shoot going on on the 15th of June. I have tried emailing the rep but received no reply. Question is:how do I register for this shoot? Also how much is it? Thank you any info would be great.

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Match fee is $20 for members of PSC and $25 for non-members. Registration can be done at the match. Be sure to bring plenty of ammo. Its usually 6 stages (one will be a classifier).

Jot down the gate code from the TSS website. You will need it to gain access to the range.

A good match. You won't be disappointed.


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My father will be shooting production and wants to ask... He will be shooting production and want to know if he needs to make minor to shoot. He can do reloads to make it but might want to use box ammo that doesn't make it.

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You can register for a few of the local matches online but it is not required. Show up, sign up and shoot.

Production shooters are all scored Minor. This means a minimum Power Factor of 125 (bullet weight times bullet velocity divided by 1000).

The Houston monthly club matches rarely (if ever) have a chronograph set up so making Power Factor is on the honor system.

But the shooter that runs loads that do not make at least Minor may have some trouble knocking down steel targets.

For most Production guns, Winchester White Box 9mm will run at a PF of 133 to 136. Factory 40 & 45 are even hotter.

If this is you and your dad's first match, don't sweat the small stuff.

Competitors and spectators are required to use sight and hearing protection.

Bring a gun and magazines that run reliably, a holster and some mag pouches on a good belt. The back pockets from your jeans can substitute for mag pouches if necessary. Front pockets are not allowed in Production. (It really is a rule.)

Round count will probably be in the 140 to 160 range,

The folks at all of the local matches are great to shoot with and more than willing to help out a new shooter.

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He shoots a glock and white box shoots only 115-120. Ill tell him to reload for the shoot. Thanks for the info. This will be #2 for me and the first shoot for my dad.

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