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Question about crimping


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I just finished loading 200 rounds of Xtreme .45 230g and had a question about the crimp I ended up with. My finished crimp was .473 which I thought was a little much but as you can see from the pics the diameter below the mouth is .473 also. The bullet diameter was .452-.453 so to me it only made sense to make it the same diameter at the mouth. I put a few in my TRP and they seemed fine. I'm pretty much positive this is correct but I just wanted to make sure. I checked some of my older ammo (I haven't reloaded in a few years) and everything was .469-.470 and the bullet diameter wasn't as wide as the Xtreme below the mouth.





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They seem to fit in the chamber ok but I'm still a little concerned with the specs. The bullet diameter is .453 so I don't think I should go much lower on the crimp.

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I'd be more concerned about the OAL at this point. As long as the bullet drops in and out of your barrel, you're good. The wrong OAL will cause feeding issues in the mag. I run a fmj .451 230 gr Hornady . I measure a .4695 crimp, using starline brass. I run at 1.25" OAL. Shoots great in a colt 1911 XSE. Run your gun and check those loads out. :)

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