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97B trigger for longer reach


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After firing the first few rounds through my Custom Shadow, I decided to do a little more customizing myself (the SRT is awesome!). I installed the CGW trigger return spring, firing pin return spring and the 11.5# hammer spring before my first shot, but after I installed the 97B trigger for a little more reach and while I was in there polished the sides of the trigger bow, the corresponding points of contact on the frame and the grooves on the bottom of the bow where the spring rides. A ten pull average trigger weight came up with: 5lb, 7oz DA and 2lb, 4oz SA. Using Winchester small pistol primers I had no light strikes, so I might push the envelope with the 8.5# spring when I get around to it.

Here are some pictures comparing the two triggers:




My hands are on the biggish size (10" from tip of pinky to tip of thumb) and I think this DA reach is just about as far as I want to go, but the SA is much better now.


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Hey, Mr., you have tons of oil on your hammer. :P

Nice mod. I wouldn't mind a longer reach myself. I'm fine with the da. But the sa is so short that I have the trigger on the intermediate phalange of my index finger. Don't get me wrong. I absolutely love the SRT, but I'd love it more if the reset were further away, provided there would be no pre or over travel.


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the 97B trigger is the same as the original 75B trigger and the original "old" 85C trigger.

CZ changed the radius of the triggers when the SP01 and P01 were introduced and slowly changed the 85C trigger and 75B trigger to a similar radius.

97B has not been switched.

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Well then the 97b trigger might be the one for you too! I've never seen the 'old style 85 combat trigger so I can't compare it to the 97b, but I'm pretty satisfied.

Is it that noticeably different? I picked the original 85C trigger because it looked better. The slim 85C trigger/97B trigger just look too anorexic. The SP-01/Shadow frame is just so massive that the slim toothpick thick trigger just looks like an afterthought.

But if it does improve the feel substantially, I may try it. I just don't think it would make a drastic difference where I don't have to have the trigger on the intermediate phalange. I've experimented so much with where to place my index on the trigger, and this way keeps the front sight post as still as possible for my biomechanics. Gotten quite used to it after having dryfired so much.

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