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Shortest Reach Trigger?


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Hey guys,

Quick question.

I have a CZ Shadow Target and 85 combat trigger is just SLIGHTLY too long for me in double action. I can make it work but if i could have a slightly shorter length of pull all would be right in the world.

So, out of all of the trigger options available, which is the shortest length from trigger face to the rear of the grip?

Thanks gents!

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I THINK it is the current style since it is a February 2013 gun.

I looked at the differences on the CZ custom website and it is REALLY hard to tell the difference between the old and the new.

I believe i have this given the product description and my pistols test fire date.


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Yea, if you did specifically order the 'old style' I'm pretty sure you have the new one, which is the shorter reach of the two. I think the shortest reach trigger you're going to be able to get is the re curve 75 trigger:


This one is the stainless available from CZ USA: http://shop.cz-usa.com/P-0420011135/Trigger-Stainless-75.aspx Although I feel confident there are many on this forum with the standard trigger who would be happy to trade with you. You might also consider thin grips as well to shorten your reach.

I have the opposite problem, so I just changed my 85 trigger for one from a 97B.

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Thanks for the info gents, it is appreciated.

I think i will probably just make do as is since the single action trigger pull is almost too SHORT lol. Yes, im picky but im coming from a Glock where i had the luxury of determining my break point.

Again, thanks for the info.

FTjandra, is the short LOP mod production legal? Im doubting it but you never know. Ill head on over to the website and check it out.

EDIT: Definitely not production legal but thanks anyway. :)

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CGW has a short reach trigger mod and a short reset mod.

short reset mod is for firing pin block guns and brings back the reset point of the lever.

the short reach trigger changes the in battery position of the trigger in DA.

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What grips are on your gun? I've found that using any of the CZ aluminum grips, with the rear upper corner exposed, sets my trigger finger out further (which I don't need but you probably would): http://czcustom.com/cz_75-thin-grips-aggressive-checker.aspx

The full-coverage grips (no exposed corner) tend to make the DA trigger feel further out (which I like but someone with short fingers, no so much): http://czcustom.com/vzgripstigerstripe.aspx

My Shadow Target has the 85 Combat trigger, my standard Shadow back-up gun has the re-curve trigger. I don't notice much of a difference but someone with shorter fingers probably would notice it more. Much more noticeable is the difference in DA pull weight - 5.5 vs 8.5 pounds.

Best guess, you would like the re-curve trigger and aluminum grips (and a sub-6lb DA pull).

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Good info and very much in line with my thought process.

I have the slim aluminum grips on my gun right now. I think that i would be better off with reducing the DA poundage slightly in order to compensate. The initial pull feels a little heavy which is why i feel as though my trigger finger is too short for the current trigger bow. Once i actually get some meat on there and start pressing i have no problem with the length of pull. By reducing the poundage a bit i think it will be easier for me to bring the trigger back to where i have more leverage thus easing the entire process in double action.

I appreciate the feedback in this thread since it has made me realize that trying to adjust the length of pull to make it shorter is probably a bad idea since 99% of my shooting is single action and pushing the trigger even further back is a NO go for my single action needs.

I have some cajun springs on the way that i will try namely the reduced power trigger spring which is supposed to take 8 ounces off of the DA pull. If that doesnt work i may consider plunking down 88 dollars on the disconnector (cant use the trigger) that will supposedly alter the DA trigger stroke making it feel less heavy. I wish i could find a video or a written interpretation of this kit as the description on the website is not that great.

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On 8/31/2018 at 12:41 PM, Dannybot said:

Digging up an old thread.  I am wanting a short reach trigger, which is the better one; CZC or CGW?  

I have CZ Custom one in my S2 because I didn’t want to have to mess with the set screws. Another S2 owner in the club has the CGW one in his. I tried his and it feels like my CZ Custom one has a shorter reach. Haven’t measured it, yet. 

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On 9/11/2018 at 5:51 PM, Dannybot said:

Do these short reach triggers take away any of the single action pretravel?  I am totally new to double action pistols, I was hoping for something more like a revolver...

No sir, in an SA/DA configuration the SA pre-travle is a product of the inside face of the hook of the disconector. So a short reach trigger alone should not effect the SA pre-travle.

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