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# of shot gun shells needed

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What the preferred number of shotgun shells should you have on your belt or body?

Is there a min. # that you should always have to cover 90% of all matches?

Is there a preferred combination of 2 or 4 holder types?



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That's something you're going to have to decide for yourself. As a beginner I'd start with always having double the round count in the gun and on my body. So if its a 12 round stage 9 in the gun, and 14-15 on your belt.

If you're looking at load2/quads I suggest 24 rounds in load 2 setup however you want to do it. I use 6 carbon arms pinwheels. And 4 quad set ups stacked 2 each on a backbone. That lets you have 40 rounds on the belt if you have it all on at 1 time which will get you through 99.9% of the stages out there. I also recommend using els clips so you don't have to carry all that stuff if you don't need it. And els allows you to borrow a pouch or caddy from almost anyone for that one stage you encounter where you need more.

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I keep two pairs of Qualoads (16 rounds total) on my belt pretty much all the time. I then add either a 4x4 caddy (8 rounds) or a 3-up Duaload (6 rounds) in case I need to load something less than four at a go. For longer stages I can add another caddy of some type to the belt, plus a chest rig for a lot extra.

I'd say to accommodate a lot of "typical" shotgun stages you'd want to make sure your belt holds two full reloads in whatever configuration you like. That'll be overkill for the 12 round stages and a safe margin for 18 round stages. When you get 20+ round stages you'll need to start adding something else.

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it depends on how much you tend to MISS!! I try and have at least 6 extra shot rounds, but that also depends on how complex the shots are. If there are fliers plan on at least 2 rounds for each of those, if there are tough slug shots you could plan on 3 each for those. it also forces you to concentrate on the shot and then if you still don't make the shot you are forced to leave rather than spend too much time trying to hit and time out, with targets left unengaged.


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