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Anyone had sucess with Zero 125 FPFMJ's


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Picked up 2k of the Zero 125gr. fmj flat points and have not had good accuracy with them.

Tried 3.8-3.9 of titegroup @ 1.110-1,120 oal.

They shoot 2.5" high out of glock 17,26 and sti sentry.

My go to load is Zero 147 jhp, 3.2 of titegroup @ 1.135 oal.

Any good recipies out there or suggestions ?

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I haven't tried any of these in 9mm, but have shot a bunch of them in various 357 Sig pistols with good results. 4.0 of N320 has worked well for me in 9mm with several 125 gr bullets. I'd also try 4.4 gr of Titegroup.

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