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Ponsness/Warren Du-O-Matic 375 Reloader


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My son and I recently purchased this reloader, along with additional supplies, and will be learning to reload various loads. We are new to reloading but are very interested in learning as much as possible. We would greatly appreciate your comments and advice and look forward to gaining new friends who share some of the same interests.

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Well Congrads on moving into the realm of the shooting world, it is just another gratifying part of the sport. I have been reloading since the age of 12, starting off with shotgun and then later moving to metallic cartidges. Here is some advice. Get and stay organized. Start a log book, as a sharp pencil beats a sharp mind over the test of time. Read, Read, Read all the information on reloading that you can find.

My next statement should be heeded sharply. ALWAYS FOLLOW THE RECIPIES as the powder mfg's know all to well what there powders can and can not do. The only exception to this would be Open Loads for 9mm and this is strictly based on the weapon in use. Open Comp guns tend to be or can be finicky about cartridge Over All Length(OAL) until experience has taught you, which it will I would not reload for Open just yet unless you get with an Open shooter and see what he or she has to offer with information etc.

As for the rest take your time, go slow be meticulous in your processes and record the information in your log book.

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