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Apeiro with AET barrel


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I recently purchased an Apeiro with the AET barrel and read about the possible issues with plated and lead bullets after the fact. I've been shooting factory ammo and it's done very well with it. Yesterday I took it out with my first batch of reloaded ammo and found something that was kind of interesting. I had 100 rounds of newly loaded ammo which contained 180g xtreme bullets loaded with 5, 5.2, 5.4, and 5.6 grains of WSF with an OAL of 1.17 and a crimp of .421. I also brought 100 rounds of ammo I had loaded a few years ago before I stopped reloading. These bullets were 180g Precision with 5.1g of 231 with an OAL of 1.135 and a crimp of .422. The Xtreme bullets shot very well and the lighter loads seemed very accurate while having little recoil. I actually liked the 5 grain loads the best, they cycled the gun well and the recoil was so soft I'm still kind of shocked. The Precision bullets had quite a bit more recoil (more like the higher grain loads), were definately not as accurate, and were tumbling. I had 4 targets setup at 25 yards and you could see nice patterns and holes in the targets with the Xtreme bullets and more erratic patterns and what looked like tears in the Precision targets. I like Precision bullets and have always had good luck with them but it does seem that the AET barrel can be a little finicky on bullet types or may need tweaking to shoot certain types. Anyway, after 600 rounds my Apeiro hasn't had one issue and it seems to like plated bullets.

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I have an AET barrel I'm using and it likes the Precision moly bullets just fine, but I'm using N320. Did you chrono either load? You are probably not getting the same velocity out of the Extremes for some reason.


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I don't have a chrono (i know i need one). What other bullets have you used through it? I might break down some of the older reloads and try a few different things with them.

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