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When "Hate" turns to Like


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A recent "Hate" topic of mine regarding an injury has pushed me into a like. That is a good thing.

I had a recent trigger finger injury so I decided to switch and become a left hand shooter. 2 weeks now Oh Boy!!!

Mike Benedict at Talon Tactical very quickly made me a left hand holster (Should have it today Thanks Mike) I have gone back to basics which is what I like and things are coming along. Looking at shooting a match end of June left hand.

I need to draw left hand, shoot left hand, transition to right hand to hold gun for a reload with left hand. Right trigger finger is splinted straight and I don't want to be banging it on a mag holder.

I may look a little awkward with holster and mag holders on the same side but this is going to be a challenge and as I get older, a challenge is a good thing.

What I like as adapting and taking one more HATE out of my life.

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This was the toughest stage mentally. Turning, loading, grip, sight alignment, trigger press, it made my head hurt. I also had another stage where I had to clear a jam with a bad mag. I proved to myself I could do it which gave me more confidence. I no longer shoot weak hand. I shoot left hand or right hand ^_^

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