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Ready Tactical Mag Pouches

Nemesis Lead

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I got some ready tactical mag pouches on the advice from a number of folks here.

I like them--they take up little real estate and they are secure while also releasing mags easily.

The thing I don't like--these things slide all over my DAA outer belt.

How do you guys keep these things from moving around? Do you put them over both the inner and the outer or secure them some other way?

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Yep peel and stick velcro inside the clip to hold them to the outer belt and also on the outside of the clip to stick to the inner belt. With a lot of pouches in production you need a little help keeping the belts stuck together.

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You can also adjust the inward/outward cant a little with adhesive furniture pads applied to the belt side of the inner wall of the pouch.

VERY judicious use of a heat gun or an extra hot hair dryer will soften the Kydex a bit, if you wan to loosen the tension on the mag body, but be advised that, overdone, you will end up with a floppy piece of die cut plastic that won't hold anything, and really can't be reshaped back into a pouch.

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