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New Lady Shooter Handgun selection assistance


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Good day all my fellow shooters, my girlfriend/fiancee' is shall you say a petite lady of only 4'-11" tp 5'-0" and is very small frame.

My issue/problem is getting her hand to fit comfortably around a double stack pistol frame that is on the production gun list.

She prefers to shoot 9mm and has handled a S&W M&P and like the feel but still has an issue of fully reaching the trigger and possibly handling the pistol in a controlled safe manner.

She has shot a Kahr P9 and passed her state CCW class and She owns a snubby 38 revolver.

Her hand from Thumb to Pinky spread wide is only 7" with her right index finger only 2.5" in length.

Any help in selected a production model would be of great help!! That way she and I can go check them out at a local gun shop not to mention that is sure would sure cut the time invovled in getting her on the range to practice and then into some other training to build up her confidence and ability to possibly shoot in a match at some point in the future.


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I'm not going to be much help here because I shoot SV wide bodies (limited) and SS. My hand spread is 8.25" and my index finger is 2.75" - so not a lot bigger. But the platforms I shoot fit great with a medium curved trigger - I might go to a short trigger for the wide body just to try it.

I don't have any experience with production setups, but several are available with changeable backstraps to allow a bit of adjustment to the individual shooter. I believe the M&P is one and so is the Springfield XD series. Like anything, once a gun is selected, it can be customised. I believe there are several vendors in the tent sub-fo that specialize in grip reduction services for this very common need.

The only other thing I'd mention is to check the reach to the mag release.

If you're open to other divisions, SS minor maybe worth consideration. Non-pivoting trigger, ~43oz gun, 10 rounds in the mag, etc...

Good luck! I know others with more applicable experience will be able to better advise.

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I'm in the same boat as LG size wise and have no trouble holding and shooting a Para P14/16 or any of the poly pistols. As LG says you might consider SS minor and pick up an STI Spartan in 9 and have it slicked up a bit.



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Something to consider is how she is holding the gun. Is she getting a neutral grip? If she is she should be fine with a m&p small grip or a Trojan. If she is favoring the strong hand to the point to where the week had is more or less just supporting the strong hand instead of actually holding the gun she might have issues reaching the trigger. If the gun is more or less in line with the forearm of her strong hand than the grip is not a neutral grip. It will cause her to bring her thumb too far around while gripping bringing the trigger finger back away from the trigger. My fingers measure almost identical to gumpygavy's and depending on how I hold the gun on both my 1911s and m&ps I go from almost not reaching the triggers to having way more reach than I need.

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