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When My Post Turns Invisible...But Only to Me?


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I guess I hate it when computers screw with me.... like NOW.

So, a couple of days ago I posted a "hate" thing about how the post office was doing it's best to make my mail become an extinct species..... the title of the piece was "Post Office". Clever, eh?

Then when I went to see the thread.... it was gone like it had never been there. vanished with no forwarding address.

So, today I see on the title page that somebody has replied to my thread titled "Post Office"... and I try clicking directly onto it (on the title page) and it goes to a screen saying I "don't have permission to view that page".... the note I posted that vanished...... I don't have permission to view

It seems everybody else can see it and reply to it, just not me.

I give up.

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