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Maryland Gun Control


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I bought a 625 from a member here on the forums. My plan was to start shooting USPSA with it, and shoot ESR in IDPA. I paid for the gun on March 7, it was the 20th when I filled out all the paperwork for the background check.

Now, it's May 30th and I'm still waiting for the background check to clear. Just got off the phone with Maryland State Police, and my app has to go into the dreaded further review pile. Currently they are working on applications from the "further review" pile from March 5th. And at the rate they are getting through those I'm guessing July before they get to my date. Probably mid july before I have my gun. By the time I work up a load for it, I'm guessing I miss the August USPSA match too.

I hate this state.

And you should all know, our Gov. is thinking about running for president. If he wins, he will be worse than any president in history. We even tax the rain here in Maryland.

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Please review what you are..ahhh...allowed to hate. :)

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